OKLAHOMA CITY – Arturo Alonso, a 23-year-old University of Oklahoma senior studying engineering and computer science, announces his candidacy as a Democrat to represent District 89 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The district covers a large swath of Oklahoma City residents south of the Oklahoma River down to SW 44th Street, including the historic College Hill neighborhood and contemporary Wheeler District.

As a first-generation American, bilingual candidate, and son of immigrant parents from Mexico, Arturo will reach out to Latino and Hispanic communities throughout the southside and earn the votes of community members who have often been overlooked in Oklahoma politics. Additionally, the campaign will form a coalition of supporters who believe in moving our state forward through common sense, innovative policies that focus on Oklahomans first – mental health, criminal justice reform, education, and economic justice.

Alonso also intends to run a campaign focused on restoring trust and accountability in government for the people of House District 89. “This place is my home,” said Alonso, who grew up in south Oklahoma City. “I am committed to restoring a trust that has been broken and moving forward with the people of my district as my top priority. I believe our shared future depends on trustworthy elected officials who prioritize policies that work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful. The future is ours, if we want it. We just have to work together to accomplish the future we want to realize.”