Hi, I’m Arturo!

I’m the Representative for House District 89 in the Oklahoma legislature.

But this isn’t about me – it’s about our community. This is about all of us. As a first-generation American, bilingual candidate, and son of immigrant parents from Mexico, I’m doing the work on behalf of working class people throughout the south side – including Latino and Hispanic communities who have often been overlooked in Oklahoma politics.

About me

Shortly after my birth, my family of two parents and three brothers decided to return to my parent’s hometown of Guanajuato, Mexico. We lived there for a few years until I was just under the age of four. At this time my parents decided to permanently return to the United States. They had heard of the alluring opportunities available for my brothers and me, so they embarked on a journey to this great country with the hopes of enabling us to reach higher than they ever could. Due to the responsibilities Mexican families experience at a young age, both of my parents never made it past an elementary level education because they had to leave school to work. The combination of a lackluster education and an undocumented status created a narrative full of adversity and obstacles my family faced that trickled into my upbringing.

Growing up on the southside of Oklahoma City, a vibrant community plagued by structural injustices, I faced a variety of challenges. Of these, the educational inequity found in public school districts around the metropolitan area challenged me the most. I attended Heronville Elementary and later transitioned to Santa Fe South Public Charter Schools for middle and high school. Even though these schools did what they could to ensure academic success, I saw how students capable of pursuing a college education fell short due to a lack of funding and access to resources. These same students, like myself, were typically first-generation, low income, and came from marginalized communities. I developed values such as learning, resilience, and service, immersing myself in academics and extracurricular activities, all while striving to leave a lasting contribution in my community. I am currently a senior preparing to graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering, and I hope to have a career in which I am constantly given the chance to enhance my community. With your help and trust, I will serve District 89 as one of the youngest candidates elected to the Oklahoma House.

Why I’m in this fight

I know what it’s like to face financial uncertainty and structural challenges. I want to enable people to live smarter, safer, and healthier lives. In doing so, I hope to serve as an inspiration to young people who need an extra push by instilling the idea that with resilience and determination, they can achieve more than what they initially believe. But even with all the grit a person can muster, there are structural inequities that have made living the American dream an impossibility for too many. In Oklahoma, cuts to critical programs have caused real suffering for working families. I’m running because our community deserves better – a government that listens to everyday people, not just the wealthy and influential. I’m running for the south side, and it’s about all of us. Will you join me?